Accessories: Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen

Kitchen: Cartmel in Cashmere

When it comes to purchasing kitchen appliances, it’s essential to do your research first to ensure that you’re making a good investment. There are numerous styles and options available, from classic country to sleek and modern, which can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, our Design Directors have put together a guide to assist in choosing the right appliances for your kitchen.

Ovens: Freestanding or built-in?
When it comes to selecting an oven, there are several factors to consider. A free-standing oven, available in gas or electric, can create an attractive focal point in the room if space allows. It is recommended to stick with the supply point you already have in your kitchen to save yourself the hassle of moving pipes or wires.

A built-in oven, usually at eye level, makes it easier for the cook to handle hot food, with no need to bend down. Single ovens are a compact option for small kitchens with limited space, while double ovens require more space but provide more cooking options, making them perfect for big family meals or parties.

Hobs: Induction to Domino
A good hob is a must-have in every modern kitchen. The latest trend is an induction hob, which is energy-efficient, ultra-quick, and safe. It heats the pan instead of the hob, so heat is only conducted when the electromagnetic coils beneath the hob’s surface come into contact with a suitable pan.

Traditional gas hobs are still popular and offer instant heat. Modern versions come with touch controls and an easy-to-clean finish. Consider a domino hob for those who regularly host dinner parties – mix and match fuels and cooking surfaces such as griddles and hot plates to create a customized cooktop to suit your lifestyle.

Microwaves: built-in or freestanding?
Microwaves can take up a lot of space, whether on the worktop or built into your cabinets. A built-in microwave provides more flexibility in the kitchen, especially if you’re limited on worktop space. Position it over your hob or next to a built-in oven to optimize space and usability.

A combined microwave oven can save space, with hot air and grill functions recreating traditional oven-cooked results at the speed of a microwave.

Washing machines and dishwashers
Consider whether you have enough room for a dishwasher as well as a washing machine. Both freestanding appliances mostly come in white, black or stainless steel. For a seamless finish, choose a semi-integrated appliance that can be hidden behind a cabinet door with only the control panel on show, or a fully integrated design that can be entirely concealed behind the cabinet.

Before buying a fridge-freezer, consider how big it needs to be to suit your lifestyle and the available space in your kitchen. The width of a fridge is crucial – tall fridges usually measure between 50cm and 70cm wide, while American-style fridges are much larger – up to 90cm wide. Allow for space for ventilation at either side of the appliance too, to keep it working at its best.

Sinks and taps: modern or rustic?
The sink is often an afterthought in kitchens, but it’s worthwhile choosing one at the same time you select the cabinets that will go underneath so you can be sure of a smart finish. Consider the purpose of your sink too. If you’re an avid cook, a dual basin may benefit you, one for prepping food and one for cleaning dishes.

Speak to one of our design directors for more appliance ideas and how we could plan a larder for your perfect kitchen by Stag Interiors of Derbyshire.