Design Director tips: Revamping a smaller kitchen

Small kitchens can still make a big design statement. With the right colours and design tricks, you can make your kitchen look spacious and stylish.

Maximise natural light:

• Embrace the power of natural light. South-facing windows give all-day sun, while west-facing ones offer an afternoon glow.
• Opt for light shades like whites or pastels on walls, cabinetry, and countertops. These reflect light, giving an illusion of more space.
• Go for lower cabinets or open shelving to prevent blocking light. Consider glass-front cabinets for aesthetics and light.
• Think about adding skylights or light tubes to increase light from above.

Cartmel Kitchen Grey
Range: Cartmel | Colour: Dust Grey

Choosing colours:

Light tones: Whites, light greys, and pastels on walls create an airy vibe. Complement with light-coloured cabinetry and countertops for a unified look. Even your flooring, like light wood or laminate, can help achieve this spacious feel.

Ascot Kitchen
Range: Ascot | Colour: Light Grey & Dust Grey

Dark tones: Dark hues, such as navy or charcoal, bring depth and drama. Use them as accents or on cabinets to make the space pop. These shades can amplify the room’s dimension, especially when paired with natural wood or metallic accents. Complement with warm lighting for a snug atmosphere.

Strato Kitchen Indigo
Range: Strato | Colour: Indigo

Mixing light and dark tones: Using contrasting dark door colours on the base units and light on the walls creates an illusion of space and enables you to experiment with colour without making the room feel enclosed.

Ascot Kitchen
Range: Ascot | Colour: Light Grey & Dust Grey

“In summary, your small kitchen’s colour palette, combined with strategic lighting and design, can elevate its look and feel.”

Jason – Design Director

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