Mr. Michael’s Grand Bookcase

A mere 20-minute drive outside of Glossop, along a winding country lane, lies a magnificent Georgian farmhouse in the midst of an extensive renovation. The client’s vision was clear: they sought a bookcase that not only spanned the expanse of a substantial dining room wall but also embodied a modern, fresh aesthetic while harmonizing with the prevailing Georgian style meticulously preserved throughout the house. As passionate collectors of cookbooks and DVDs, the family needed a storage solution that could house their extensive collections while concealing dining room essentials and showcasing cherished trinkets and treasures.

Following an initial phone call to our showroom, I extended an invitation to Mr. Michaels to schedule a consultation appointment. During this meeting, one of our design directors would visit the site, take precise measurements, engage in discussions to explore ideas, and subsequently craft a tailored quote aligning with the customer’s budget.

Our design director, Leigh, embarked on a visit to the client’s home, aiming to immerse himself in the design style of the space where the new furniture would be positioned. He engaged in conversations with the family to garner inspiration and better understand their vision.

Once the client greenlit the proposed design and accepted the quote, we swiftly arranged an installation date for the bookcase. Our dedicated team arrived punctually, ensuring a tidy and efficient installation process.

The recent renovation of the kitchen served as a wellspring of inspiration for this particular piece. It adopted a modern farmhouse aesthetic, featuring shaker-style doors and classic oak worktops. To maintain a seamless visual connection between spaces, we adorned the bookcase with brushed silver handles identical to those in the kitchen. The addition of fluted center columns with intricate bull’s eye details and tasteful LED lighting further enhanced the grandeur of the overall design.

When I revisited the home to capture photographs, I was struck by how the family had lovingly adorned the bookcase with their personal belongings, seamlessly integrating it into the fabric of the house. The client expressed their sheer delight in witnessing the project manifest precisely according to their requirements and, in fact, exceeding their expectations.